Prepare the critical analysis that you will want to present to members of the production team (or actors) in the meetings leading up to the start of rehearsals

Pretend that you have been hired as the dramaturg for an upcoming production of a play. Prepare the critical analysis that you will want to present to members of the production team (or actors) in the meetings leading up to the start of rehearsals. Your job as a dramaturg should be to help bridge the playtext and the production of the play. That means that you will need to do some critical literary analysis, historical analysis of the era of the production, historical research on the time period the play was written, biographical investigation of the playwright, and development of advice that you think is imperative in order to successfully stage this production. Your findings will be presented in a 5-6 page, double spaced paper that could read as a speech to the production team. Though a speech, this should be a strong example of academic writing, and your paper should include at least 5 sources of both academic and newsprint materials. You may consider asking some of the following:        What are the core features of this dramatic text? What genre is the play written in and how does it operate as an example of that genre? What is the plot structure and how does that impact storytelling? What are pivotal scenes and moments in this play and why?       When is this play set? What are the given circumstances that guide the world of the play? How does this historical era impact the action of the play? What key historical events should be considered when staging this play?        When was the play written? What was the social, cultural, or national climate  like when this play was written? What sociocultural factors may have influenced the decision to write this play? What OTHER productions of this play have been important in the past?        Who wrote this play? How does it compare to their other work? What themes are explored throughout this playwright’s works? Are there important traces of authorial intent that need to be considered in staging this production?        Where does YOUR eye go when reading this play? If you were giving a practitioner advice, what would you tell them about this production? What can a production not do if they want to be successful? What must they do well? The dramaturg may choose either to make a presentation by reading the paper or by transforming some of the info into  actors packet document, a 5-8 slides presentation.   your paper will be adjudicated on your ability to answer some of these questions, while still centering your writing on what you find integral to the play’s construction and vital for its performance. The writing will be graded on the following categories: Critical Literary Analysis  80 pointsHistorical Analysis (Era of the Narrative) 40 points Historical Analysis (Era of the Writing)  40 points Biographical Research + Langauge and Writing Skills 20 pointsArtistic Advice to the Production Team  40 pointsFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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