Population Health Management

This assignment focuses on the important topic of Population Health Management (PHM). Conduct a literature review of a PHM peer reviewed article and review chapter 9 of the course text.  Begin the assignment with an introduction that explains population health and provide 3 examples of population health measures.  Next, describe the four perspectives of patient, provider, payer, and population (4Ps) and how the 4Ps relate to PHM. Then identify the center for Disease Control’s 5 steps for conducting a community needs assessment (CNA) and how the steps support PHM.  Provide a conclusion explaining how the 4Ps and the CNA will guide PHM improvement strategies.  Complete 10-12 pages not including the cover or reference pages. Include at least 2 references. One reference can be from the course text and one reference must be from a peer reviewed article. Follow APA guidelines.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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