police corruption

HW 4 Police CorruptionPlease read and or watch video of all material. Answer in complete and full sentences. use correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. Answer MUST be 2 full pages; Font size 12; Times New Roman; double space only. This is not a question and answer, questions should be used as a guide only. Write in the narrative. WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!!!!! 1 – What was the role of the Gun Trace Task Force? 2 – What were the main contributing factors in the Gun Trace Task Force scandal? How did the situation get so out of control? You will need to reference (not copy) the articles being very specific.3 – Were the recognized effective tactics to ensure integrity across the agency followed or ignored by the Baltimore Police Commissioners?4 – The Commission to Restore Trust in Policing was created – in summary, what were their findings and recommendations?5 – What is the result of such misconduct and corruption on a community?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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