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listen to this podcast: Frederick Douglass – Write a four paragraph paper that:Paragraph 11) Briefly explains the historical subject being discussedWhats the topic? (For example: Frederick Douglass, etc.)2) Tells me a little bit about the members of the panel who joined Melvyn Bragg to discuss it?Who are the expert panelists? (Episode webpage should also have their names and institutional affiliations i.e. Prof. John Smith of Oxford University)Paragraph 23) Summarizes the overall content of the podcastWhat kinds of questions does the host (Melvyn Bragg) ask?How do the panelists respond?  4) Describes and assesses any controversies/disagreements between the panelists/host?Do any of the panelists have differing/conflicting opinions about the topic?If so, what are the disagreements/conflicts about and are they resolved? Paragraph 35) Provides some analysis on the ways in which the panelists/host practiced historical thinking?When and how do the following come up in the podcast: Change over time, context, causality, contingency, and complexity?Paragraph 46) Reflects on the overall experience you had, as a studentWas this assignment stimulating and interesting?Did you learn anything new beyond what we covered in class/readings? Your Book Review Must Conform to the Following: One (1) Full Page Under 1 full page (text filling up the page to the bottom) will lose pointsHeading on the top right: Name, Date, class time Title of the paper as title of the episode 12-point, Times New Roman font, single-spaced, normal marginsSubmitted on time to Blackboard as Word doc or PDFAssignment Rubric (out of 25 points)An A paper will include the following: Detailed attention to and execution of assignment guidelines/directions  Clear and excellent writing styleOriginal, high-quality analysis and evidence of serious critical engagement No issues re: grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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