Please use UK sources and businesses Managing Innovation Assessment The module

Please use UK sources and businessesManaging Innovation Assessment The module is assessed (100%) by an individual report (maximum 3,000 words + 10%). The report should be comprised of the following three sections: 1. Theoretical Explanation. Describe, in detail and in your own words, one or two innovation theories of your choice. Deep knowledge of one major innovation theory will be enough as a basis for a high mark, and you should not choose more than two innovation theories. 2. Theory Application. Apply your chosen theory (or theories) to explain one or more products and/or services for your selected organisation. You may also wish to use your chosen theory to explain how these product/services evolved. 3. Future Development. Apply your chosen theory (or theories) to recommend possible future development pathways of your products or services for your selected organisation. Instructions for assessment Choose one from the following list of organisations for your assignment: A. Zoom B. IQOS C. Supreme D. Worn Again E. Deliveroo Formative work in weekly seminars will guide you through the analytical techniques and processes required to complete the task.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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