Please help me formulate peer-feedback to the below.  I believe some strategic o

Please help me formulate peer-feedback to the below. I believe some strategic objectives necessary in order for a global manager to be prepared and explore the opportunity to expand business in a foreign country are:Organizational ReadinessEvaluate the organization structure needed to successfully execute your strategy.Develop policies, procedures, and handbooks that comply with local requirements while maintaining balance with overall company policies.Develop competitive benefits programs to attract qualified local employees.Establish a Go-to-Market StrategyDetermine your optimum sales model: direct, indirect, OEM, distributor, hybrid?Determine your sales methodology: solution, feature, consultative, price?Determine if a new brand will be created or whether you will use the parent brand.Legal ReadinessCreate localized commercial agreements.Review industry-specific regulations to ensure compliance and certifications are obtained if needed.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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