Planning the group paper rubric In this paper you will identify and explain the

Planning the group paper rubricIn this paper you will identify and explain the steps that you need to take in planning the group before the group begins based on the model provided by Toseland and Rivas Chapter 6 page 162. This does not focus on the actual start of the group but what you need to do to create and plan the group. You will find a sample consent form that you need to use at the bottom of the content page in blackboard. You will use the example that follows to write your paper:Nancy is a caseworker in an agency that works with individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. She has a lot of women in her caseload who have been diagnosed specifically with bipolar disorder. A significant number of these women are single mothers who have been struggling with their diagnosis while trying to parent. Nancy feels that there is a need for a group for these women, but she has never run a group and does not know where to begin. You have had experience with the steps that are needed to plan a group before it begins. Nancy comes to you for advice on what she should do.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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