Assignment Discussion #8 Consumer Activism – Photovoice No unread replies.No replies.This week you learned about consumer activism and some of the ways that consumers may choose to speak up about their rights regarding health, safety, equity and a host of other concerns.  Your final project in this class will be a modified Photovoice project.  I say modified because you will not include members of a population in your study; you will be taking the photos that are used in your presentation.  See assignment details here:   For this week’s discussion, I want you to share 3 specific Consumer Health issues that you are considering for the final assignment.  Explain why they are of interest to you and how you might go about presenting your photos.  This is your opportunity to seek feedback from your peers regarding your ideas and you don’t have to do the final project on any of the ideas that you propose in this discussion.  This should be the start of your planning for the final assignment, so you have plenty of time to complete the Photovoice as well as the essay regarding how you produced it.  TIPS FOR ALL DISCUSSION POSTS:DUE DATES:  Your original discussion post (4 pts.) is due by 11:59, End of Day (EOD) Friday and at least one response to another student’s post (1 pt.)  is due before EOD on the following Sunday.  I encourage you to embrace these discussions as an opportunity to get to know each other as peers,  explore new or conflicting ideas, and further define your own point of view through explanation and sharing.  LENGTH:  Minimum 300 words.FORMAT:  Use headings or paragraphs to organize your response to the discussion prompts. CONTENT: Share your opinion, but always remember to use non biased evidence to back up your argument. Please be sure to utilize weekly readings/information as evidence to support your discussion posts and use APA formatted citations within the text and at the end of your post as a reference list. If you need assistance or a refresher on APA formatting, there are materials in the Resources Module to help you.  ACADEMIC STANDARD: Use this opportunity to practice science based writing and academic tone (avoid overly casual tone, slang, or rhetoric/jargon.  Successful students prepare often their post in a document and use spelling/proofing aids such as Advanced Proofing in Word, or Grammarly to make sure their work is grammatically correct and mostly error free before pasting into the Canvas discussion.  (This habit also helps to protects against computer errors that cause students to lose their work before the discussion is posted.) Read pages 1 to 13, plus page 37 for this week’s discussion post.    Rise Of Consumer Activism Spells New Risks For Brands: Here’s What You Can Do Now. Forbes Webpage. (Horst, 2018.)  Visually Documenting Consumer Health Research Using PhotoVoice. Web page blog. (Jeffery & Pearson, 2015) example; This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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