Phase 2: Strategy Implementation Draft Instructions Prepare a draft document for

Phase 2: Strategy Implementation DraftInstructionsPrepare a draft document for review by your professor that includes the following:A set of measurable objectives for the next three years (i.e., specific things that the organization can do to successfully implement strategy),an organizational chart that would allow for the above objectives to be met. If this deviates from the current structure, develop a rationalization for the proposed new structure and steps required to move the organization to a new structure,product positioning map,projected income and balance statements for the next three years. These should indicate the impact of your strategy. This is not an accounting course, but you have taken accounting at this point, so draw templates for basic statements from these experiences. You will primarily be evaluated based on the logic of your information, not on the accounting principles being applied, andassessment of the present value of your organization: what it would be worth in today’s market in its present state and might be worth if this strategy is successful. The course only touches on valuation, so you will be evaluated based on the logic of your information, not the valuation itself.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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