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I need a response for each person with source//citationRYAN Stungun ban and Second Amendment is the article I chose for my discussion post.Here is why in the article states that in several states stun gun are banbecause it doesnt fall under the second amendment due to it not existing inera of the creation of the Second Amendment and continues to rejected as a firearm for the second amendment. My opinion I would add the stun guns to theSecond Amendment because it is utilize with the police and also in the militarypolice. Also, in the civilian side a lot of women use stun gun as a protectiondevice if they are afraid or not carrying a fire arm. Of course those severalstates are still in the mindset that stun gun doesnt fall into the secondamendment.  With the lift of the stun gun ban in those several states couldassist with the crime rates in those states. JACQUELINEThecase I will be reviewing is called the Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals.This case is particularly important to me because it is something I have beendealing with since I was approved in 2015 at the age of fifteen years old. DACAallows for individuals that were brought to the United Sates as children and itgives them temporary legal status for two years after the $495 fee andapplication is submitted. In the article it stated that in 2016 thesupreme court split 4-4 in the case of the United States v. Texas. Texaswas trying to claim that the DACA program was unconstitutional and should notbe in place. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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