Option 2: Diesel Using relevant and specific theoretical concepts from topics 4-

Option 2: DieselUsing relevant and specific theoretical concepts from topics 4-9 (i.e., the 7Ps of the Marketing Mix) analyse and explain how Diesel (www.diesel.com) is managing its extended marketing mix to implement its market/mind positioning strategy. Focus on Diesel’s jeans, as opposed to on its broader apparel range.For option 2, you are required to conduct primary research on Diesel’s marketing strategy to ensure that your findings are current and of good quality. For example, you can analyse Diesel’s website and social media content, as well as the kinds of retailers that sell Diesel jeans. You will then need to present your own findings in your essay, which you can support using links in the form of in-text citations or properly referenced screenshots. What you must not do is simply google “diesel jeans marketing mix” and paraphrase all the rubbish dot.com websites that come up (e.g., marketing91.com, mbaskool.com, issuu.com, studymoose.com, etc. – Yes, I checked and I am aware of all of them). Citing these websites, which are all far too basic for what you are expected to achieve as second-year higher education students, or any other rubbish like coursehero.com, will not be sufficient! In order to do well here, you are expected to do as much work as those students who put a lot of effort into the marketing simulation.For the purposes of this essay, you can analyse Diesel globally, or focus on any particular region or country.Instead of covering all marketing mix elements in little detail only, focus on those elements that you consider most important for Diesel’s positioning strategy (depth over breadth). Relevant and specific theoretical concepts should be explained in detail, and this should be based on your further reading of academic literature (and not random dot.com websites).For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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