THE ARTICLE HAS BEEN ATTACHED TO THE FILES. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE SORUCES FROM ANOTHER STUDENTS PAPER. THE ONLY SOURCE SHOULD BE THE ATTACHED ARTICLE.It is now important to consider how to manage project obstacles and risks. Being able to continue the progression of a project is important in the face of unpredictable conditions in the internal and external environment of an organization. Use the following resource to complete this activity: .Read the case study, “The Trophy Case,” pages 243245.InstructionsWrite a 12 page paper in which you:Discuss or critique whether the project was planned correctly.Discuss whether management was committed to the project. Discuss whether or not fostering more cooperation was within the scope of the project.Is it possible or even desirable, when doing strategic planning for project management, to include ways to improve cooperation and working relationships? Or is this beyond the scope of strategic planning for project management?Examine actions that could have been taken to get the project back on track.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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