Nutrition in the News Report Project Summary: Identify, review, and critique a m

Nutrition in the News ReportProject Summary:Identify, review, and critique a media report about a current *. This diet should be featured in a popular press venue, such as a newspaper, television station, internet or other media report in the last 12 months.*Clarification of a fad diet: How to spot a fad diet – Learning Goals Addressed:Define characteristics of a healthy diet and ways to adjust food choices to ensure a healthy way of eating.Project Details: Students will review and critique a media report on nutrition. Choose any media report (Facebook article, magazine op-ed, YouTube clip, etc.) about a fad diet or a nutrition claim that is too good to be true. Discuss its merit, while paying particular attention to:The authors credentials (or lack thereof)Sensationalist speech; claims that seem too good to be true or just outrageousFinancial issues; is there an access fee to see more information?, do you have to sign up to receive the product or samples?, is this diet financially sustainable for the average consumer?Write a 1-page critical (double spaced) review of the nutrition news report that you identified. Include the original article or media clip with your report and make sure it was published within the last twelve months.If you are unsure what a “fad diet” is, please feel free to ask your classmates on the  board. You may also request help from the Manor College Learning Center:**A sample paper has been provided as guidance only. Do NOT write a paper on the same topic; you will receive zero credit.**For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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