Nuclear power and weapons issues: North Korea, Iran, etc.

Write a critique of the historical present or interpretation of the spirit of the age (Zeitgeist) in which we live (2-3 pages). You should describe a pervasive theme, trait, trend, or characteristic of our time period and offer your critical evaluation of this trait. Or you can identify and critique a general characteristic that is expressed in various cultural spheres (e.g., economic, legal, political, religious, technological, environmental, entertainment, etc.). Draw upon your own educational background and personal experience to discern or diagnose a pervasive pattern, syndrome, trend, or motif exhibited in several distinguishable cultural domains. Examples: Some have diagnosed recent American culture as narcissistic. This psychological state of egocentric self-absorption is allegedly exhibited in several social and cultural spheres of activity. Many thinkers and writers call this the post-truth age because of the erosion of basic facts and science as a common ground for belief and debate. You need not imitate this precise type of cultural criticism, but you should advance a diagnosis (primarily focusing on what warrants constructive change and therefore oriented toward the future) of our contemporary Zeitgeist based upon the prominent features you discern in our world today. Clearly, there is considerable latitude in interpretive perspectives, specific phenomena covered, and critical stances advanced. Generally, try to paint with a broad brush (comprehensive generality) and attempt to expose the roots of our current historical context (radicality) as much as possible.I choose the topic of Nuclear power and weapons issues: North Korea, Iran, etc. I think this topic is relevant because of Russia’s nuclear weapons. You can add your opinion on that. Remember, this assignment does not require references. It is all about your reflection of today’s historical context. Any questions please let me know. thanks.Please, try to use America’s English Language and not European. This professor caught some words last time and began to ask questions about writing English. ThanksFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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