no sources no plagiarism is a discussion . First, explain (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) wh

no sources no plagiarism is a discussion. First, explain (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) what the dominant culture is and then, explain the relationship between institutions and culture. Provide examples to support your response (these should not be the same examples given in the text).What is the difference between a physical institution and a more abstract institution? Use the reading to provide examples. What makes them both powerful institutions (at least based on the book definition)?Obviously you are doing a lot of media analyses this semester, but I’ve picked everything. Use this discussion to start thinking about the media you consume. What media do you consume? Provide specific examples of what you watch, listen to, etc. What is problematic about the media you consume? For this discussion, Disney, Pixar, or similar are OFF LIMITS! The text explores Disney and other similar examples of media/entertainment. I want you to really think outside the box and take a critical examination of your own media consumption in all its various forms.The US Prison System and US Policing has been a point of contention and debate, particularly in the last year. What are the major issues that various protests and debates have addressed (particularly from Summer 2020) and how does that relate to the discussion in the text (section on pg. 87 called “The State, Law, and the Prison System)? Do they agree? Disagree? What is your take on this?How are institutions relevant in your life? Draw connections between your lived experiences and institutions mentioned in the text.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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