Night of the Living Dead (Film)

Write a 750 word minimum evaluation (a review) of Night of the Living Dead. The paper will include a works cited page for the movie and an optional review from Roger Ebert Film Reviews or the documentary Birth of the Living Dead; no other sources will be used. Choosing to use additional sources will result in lowering of the essay grade. Be aware that the works cited page and headings DO NOT COUNT TOWARD WORD COUNT. Word count only includes the body of the paper.Link to movie: Night of the Living Dead. You may need to click on “open this content in a new window.” Other options include opening the movie directly in YouTube, or if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, the movie is also available there as of this posting. If viewing on YouTube, make sure you are watching the black and white version uploaded by American Film Institute published on Aug 26, 2014 and is the only approved source for the assignment. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES for the works cited entry for the film. In other words, if you happen to own the DVD, you will still cite the film from YouTube and not the DVD. Failure to cite the film from the provided source will result in a significant deduction in the essay grade due to improper citation as students are not qualified to make changes to source materials. Everyone needs to learn how to properly cite from a YouTube video.If you would like to view a documentary on the film, Amazon Prime also has Birth of the Living Dead. This documentary may be used as a secondary source in place of the Roger Ebert review; use one or the other, but not both. To create this entry consult Purdue Owl. Feel free to send me your properly formatted works cited entry using the Specific Questions Protocol.Use either an Ebert article OR the documentary. Do not use both; the essay will include only two of the three sources: The film itself and one Ebert article OR the film itself and the documentary.There will be no less than three (3) properly introduced and formatted (MLA 8th or 9th edition) direct quotes from the film (primary source), and one direct quote from either an Ebert article or the documentary Birth of the Living Dead. Failure to include direct quotes will have a significantly negative impact on the essay grade.No. You may not substitute any other movie or alternative topic for this paper.ESSAY 2: JUSTIFYING AN EVALUATION (Night of the Living Dead)Length: Minimum of 750 words not counting the Works Cited page or headings. Questions? Please ask. OVERVIEW The Justifying an Evaluation essay offers an evaluation of a specific subject. The author attempts to persuade the audience to examine a subject under a specific lens, one that the author outlines through carefully selected CRITERIA. The purpose of this essay is to persuade the audience to see the author’s point of view on the subject. For this essay, your task is to evaluate Night of the Living Dead. All students will evaluate Night of the Living Dead, so don’t ask to write about another film. Be aware that using any other film will result in a zero for the assignment. You must use the film as uploaded to YouTube by American Film Institute, and you will answer one of the following questions: WHAT MAKES Night of the Living Dead A GREAT FILM? OR WHAT MAKES Night of the Living Dead A TERRIBLE FILM? Other films or television shows will not be discussed in your essay so do not compare or contrast the assigned film with any films or television shows; discuss only what you believe makes Night of the Living Dead a good or bad film.Be aware of the following policy in the syllabus concerning content:Curriculum Requirements:All courses, especially once one gets to the university level, may contain information that could be considered controversial and perhaps personally objectionable. The course content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Motlow, the English Department, or your instructor. It is worth adding that academic discourse requires a broad range of knowledge and information, and this does not mean one has to agree with it. Assignments do not cater to opinions or personal beliefs and focus on what can be learned from the process. As a result, I do not offer alternative assignments. In the words of Aristotle, “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.”OPTIONAL SECONDARY SOURCESYou may use ONE secondary source from the following website: Roger Ebert Film Reviews. No other sources will be used. Keep in mind that if you use dialogue from the film or any material from the review (secondary source), you’ll need to include in-text citations and a Work Cited page (see MLA section in your Rules for Writers or Purdue Owl). OR (NOT BOTH)You may use Birth of the Living Dead from Amazon Prime. No other sources will be used, and other films or television shows will not be discussed in your essay. Keep in mind that, if you use dialogue from the film or any material from the documentary (secondary source), you’ll need to include in-text citations and a Work Cited page (see MLA section in your Rules for Writers or Purdue Owl). OUTLINE / ORGANIZATION  / FORMALITY The “Sample Outline” may help you organize your essay. You don’t have to use this outline; however, ensure you avoid the “and then this happened” trap mentioned in the PowerPoint. Avoid simply telling the audience what happens in the film (summary). You need to have clearly defined criteria, and you need to build your body paragraphs around that criteria. Since this is an academic essay, you should avoid the following as any of these will result in an automatic half letter grade deduction each for the following (Yes, even one.): Casual words (YOU, WE, OUR, US, ME, MY, etc.) They are permitted within direct quotes ONLY.Contractions or “I statements”They are permitted within direct quotes ONLY.Rhetorical questions No questions will be used in my 1010 course.Be aware that the essay MUST be properly formatted in 8th or 9th edition MLA  Failure to do so will result in an automatic half letter grade deduction. As per the syllabus, all borrowed materials must be properly cited within the text and on a properly formatted works cited page. Remember that this is required and is not optional, and the Works Cited page must be included within the same Word document as the essay. Failure to give credit to a source is plagiarism and will be graded as such. Know that I am aware that there is a learning curve, and this will be taken into consideration; however, any material that is borrowed with no attempt at correct citation will be considered plagiarism. If you have questions, please send me your questions using the Specific Questions Protocol. You can do this!Here’s the film link This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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