Network Troubleshooting

 The manager of the IT Guru network operations center has recently hired 5 new employees to provide 24×7 coverage of the NOC and has asked you to provide an overview on the use of Wireshark as a network troubleshooting tool. Your presentation will be used as a training aid for the new employees. For this assignment you will need to provide a presentation that will train a new hire on the use of Wireshark as a network troubleshooting tool. Your PowerPoint presentation should contain 1 slide each covering the following:Explanation of what Wireshark is.How Wireshark can be used for traffic capture and analysis.Deep packet analysis of common protocols.Examples of normal and abnormal behavior on the network.Examples of common attack signatures.Conclusion slide with a review of how to understand passive and active attacks. Extra details to support your narration in the slide notes section so that the slides can be used as a reference source for the employees after your presentation.  For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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