Please find and observe online communities on the topic of your research interest (e.g., Adidas Instagram/Facebook/Reddit account posts and followers’ comments, make a search with hashtag Adidas to see in which cases people mention the brand and what they say, how consumers and brand representatives are conversing, find blogposts and comments about them)Try to find what people are talking about your topics over time, how they interact with each other, and their collective understanding of the product/brand (e.g., Recently followers of Company X talk about/like/complain about A, B, C. When another consumers explains a way to deal with a product problem, conversations around the brand/product turn to positive in this and that way. Consumers get excited whenever a new product is launched. Consumers feel an urgency because the products are available for a limited time. Consumer view the product/brand functional/high status/entertaining.) And, provide examples for your conclusions with consumer comments using quotations.Summarize your observations about these online communities and explain how these observations help you in identifying and sharpening your own research question (e.g., what is known about your product and what else you would want to know or test).Please use your own words when you summarize your observations.5. List the links of all the online community pages as “references” at the end of your document and also in the text whenever you mention them.You will also find a rubric attached to this assignment to learn more about the grading details. Your grade will be based on the depth and quality of your analysis of online groups, conclusions for your own research, and grammar and citation utilizing a consistent style (APA/MLA). For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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