Memo on Instructions

Write a 1-2 page e-mail or memo to me, providing instructions on how to do a particular task.  You SHOULD NOT choose recipe, and if possible, it should be something technical.  You should make sure that you have an introduction, clear steps, and a conclusion.  Remember that instructions have NUMBERED steps.Additionally, you should add visuals to help your reader be able to complete the task.Grading RubricDesign (20 points): Follows formatting guidelines including the following: Uses block format and single-spaces text and double spaces between paragraphs (not indenting paragraphs); Uses a standard font and point size for all documents; Follows required format for all documentsContent (20 points): Follows word count or page requirements and uses specific content and examples. (Writing assignments should be a minimum of one page); follows the directions; includes a beginning, middle, and end.Organization (20 points): Follows the organizational guidelines including the following: Organizes ideas in a logical way, using topic sentences where needed; Groups information accordingly, using consistent headings where needed; Uses bullets to arrange items in non-sequential order.Audience (20 points): Remembers that different assignments require different audiences; directed at specified audience; uses language and tone appropriate for audience.Style (20 points): Follows APA or MLA rules; writes clear paragraphs, clear, concise, and precise sentences, and clear and specific words; avoids wordiness; uses active voice and parallelism; writes sentences that are grammatically and mechanically correct.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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