Medical Healthcare reports.

An academic medical center in the western United States recently adopted a commercial EHR software and now plans to adopt and incorporate PHI with its EHR system.  The hospital CEO drafts a vision statement that states, By using the latest technology, University Hospital will improve how our patients experience healthcare.  Instead of patients coming to us for help, we will be there wherever and whenever they need us.  This initiative will make healthcare easier to access and more convenient to use, improve, patients health, and reduce the rising cost of healthcare in our area.QUESTION: Why is it important to improve the patients interaction with their healthcare records?  State two benefits in 1-2 paragraphs, include in-text citations from class articles only for your arguments?RubricCite in text, using your specified MLA style with a quote from class readings only (4 pts.).Briefly answer the assigned question in up to two paragraphs. (6 pts.)Write the reference for the source you used with the MLA style you specified. (2 pts.)For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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