11. In 2017 the stateUniversity’s men’s basketball team finished the season ranked 43 out of 143 men’steams.  The women’ basketball teamfinished 20th out of 50 women’s teams.     a. Which team had ahigher percentile ranking in 2017?  Showall your calculations to support youranswer.  b. If you had the dataon the total number of points scored by the state University women’s team in eachof their games in 2017, what would the meanand the median each tell youand how would you compute each measure? 11. A city councilconsists of ten members.  Four areDemocrats and six are Republicans.  A committee of fiveto study transportation issues will be randomly selected.    a. If one person on thecouncil is chosen at random to draw the names out of a hat, what is the probabilitythat the person drawing the names is a Democrat?  b. How many ways can thecommittee be formed if there are no restrictions on composition?  c. How many ways can 3Republicans be chosen?  d. How many ways can 2Democrats be chosen?  e. What is the probability that therandom selection of the five–person committee will result in 3Republicans and 2 Democrats?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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