Major Thematic Essay II

A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’ConnorEnglish 1302: Literary Thematic Analysis Essay Assignment (Research-Based)  Literary research is a task that involves a thorough examination beyond the surface of a literary text in an effort to reveal underlying themes, aspects of symbolism and imagery, compositional style, critical approaches and other scholarly dimensions of a given text.  This close examination ultimately leads to a greater understanding of the author’s purpose for writing the particular text and its significance to the particular time period. For this essay, you will choose a work studied up to the current readings and investigate a particular “Theme” that is present throughout the work(s).  You will illuminate how one or more works have presented a particular “Theme.”  For example, a literary work may present one or more of the following themes: naivety, lack of communication between characters, vanity, control, loss, culture and heritage, the quest for identity, the quest for knowledge, evil, deception, loneliness, revenge, loyalty, passion etc.  Using specific evidence from the primary texts and scholarly secondary sources, you will illustrate your chosen theme by use of key quotations, which highlight the particular theme most effectively.  Include strong symbolism and imagery from the texts whenever possible as this adds a very scholarly and sophisticated touch to your writing. Your secondary sources will include scholarly books, journal articles, and professional websites, which will be used to support your thematic analysis that you conduct on your texts. The paper must be a minimum of 3 double-spaced pages of analytical text in addition to the works cited page.You must use the primary text and a minimum of 3 contrasting secondary sources, which include scholarly journal articles, books, and professional websites to support your analysisYou must use current MLA documentation throughout the paper.  This includes correct use of “in-text citation” and “parenthetical notes.”You must include a “works cited page” at the end of the paper. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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