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Directions:· Take-Home Exams are open note and open book – it is expected that you will use both to create your responses.· Each question will be answered within a certain word limit that will be specified for each question. Some questions will have more than one option that you can choose to answer. In these situations, you do not have to answer every question option but you must answer every component of a question. (Some questions will have multiple parts that will need to be addressed in your response)· Make sure that you clearly identify which option you are answering for each question (if applicable).· The entirety of the volume of work that is produced should be within 1100-1800 words.· Format the exam as you would a paper (1” margins, Times New Roman size 12 font, Double Spaced without extra space between paragraphs).· Use textual references to support your claims. You do not need to use direct quotes but all quoted material needs to be cited.· Use parenthetical citations when necessary – you just need to include the name of the text(s) and relevant line/page/Act, Scene, and line numbers. For example (The Ramayana 676) and (Medea, lns. 44-52), and (Cupid’s Revenge I.v.122-131) are fine.· You will only need to include a Works Cited page for material that does not come directly from you or the primary texts that you are working with.· You do not need to conduct any new research, but you are free to do so if you so choose.· Email me if you have any questions or concerns.· BE ADVISED that your Exams will be checked for plagiarism.TEXTSEpic of GilgameshRamanayaLysistrataMedeaCupid RevengeTake Home Exam QuestionsQuestion 1 (You WILL answer this question)In the space of approximately 250-400 words in total, explore how a given theme, literary device, cultural practice, or social norm is treated, or used, differently in one epic text and one dramatic text that we have covered. You may also choose to examine how dramatic text and one epic text create a larger commentary on the same social/religious/political/gendered/etc… topic.Question 2 (You WILL answer)In the space of approximately 250-400 words, explain how the setting influences the larger narrative of any of the texts that have been covered. In other words, choose a text and explain how and/or why the setting of this text is important to the larger narrative as a whole and/or specific events that occur within the narrative.Question 3 (You WILL answer option A or option B or Option C)In the space of approximately 300-500 words, answer one of the following options:(A)Explore how and why the gods, or supernatural figures, are treated differently in Epictexts (Epic of Gilgamesh; The Ramayana) and in Dramatic texts (Medea; Lysistrata; Cupid’s Revenge).(B)Cupid’s Revenge is a tragic play but it does have some humorous scenes. Choose one or two of these comical scenes and discuss the larger significance of these scenes within the context of the play as a whole.Question 4 (You WILL answer option D or option E)In the space of approximately 300-500 words, answer one of the following options:(D)Rank the top three tragic figures that have been appeared in any of the texts that have been covered. Describe the criteria that you are using to rank said tragic figures. Defend your rankings (explain why Soandso is ranked #1 and why Whatistheirnameagain is ranked #3.You may also choose to rank the top three worst figures.(E)Argue which text presents the most/least favorable depiction of one of the following topics and why:· women· kingship/leadership/heroism· the divine or supernatural· relationships (romantic/platonic/or otherwise)· other topics that address cultural/social mores are also possible, but these topics must receive written authorization via email· You can also argue for a particular text/author that you feel is the most important one that you have read and why you think this text/author should continue to be studied in the future· Any text that has been assigned up to this point of the term is fair game for this optionDO NOT HESITATE to ask any questions that you may have about anything relating to this Take-Home Exam.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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