Life event Essay part 2

Follow requirements 600 word account. First essay in link .Personal Life Changing EventI worked in Walmart as a manager. The company engaged in retail and wholesale trade. Besides, it gave an assortment of services and merchandise at lower cost daily. Then, it handled supermarkets, warehouse clubs, and shift exterior of the U.S. As a manager, I worked hard with all sorts of people. Frequently, the company used to award my services since everyone worked comfortably, making the company successful. In the market, the company achieved a better ranking. I worked with a diverse population where age or culture did not matter in that company. The supervisor was my best friend with who I shared my experiences. One day took me to a hotel and asked me whether we could join hands and start a small company. He came from a healthy family; thus, I was confident he could sponsor the company. I fearlessly reassigned the work and joined my friend. We worked tirelessly, and the company captured the attraction of clients. We had employed several employees from different tribes. Most employees belonged to the supervisor’s culture, with different norms. From these norms, the supervisor used the idea of offering a discount to every client. Then, most employees were decent and welcoming women who captured the client’s attention. We held a big event where a diverse population got welcomed to launch the products when starting the company. Those concepts made the company successful, changing my underlying assumption (Marshfield Clinic, 2020). Working with a diverse population makes one learn new adapting skills. The individual features of the clients focused on race and gender. The appearance mattered since most men were attracted by decent women employees (Globesmart. 2022). It displayed external diversity. Besides, the company attracted many clients with who the supervisor interacted. The supervisor belonged to a well-off family, making him known by wealthy people who became our clients. The body movement of our clients was upright and straight posture due to their ethnicity. Still, I worked as a manager, managing others’ attitudes. Clients’ assumed perspectives were about the discount deal. Some clients, mainly women, felt odd about the idea of decent women employees. I perceived that including a few male employees would increase clients’ turn up. My preconceived notion after launching the event was about capturing more clients from a diverse population with the help of the supervisor. I was confident that the supervisor had many business connections. I felt that the client needed more services and better prices. My assumption rhymed with the event, but I felt the change to the client. The product launching event made the company have more clients. My moral code did not get tested.  ReferencesGlobesmart. (2022). Types of Diversity in the Workplace – A GlobeSmart Guide. GlobeSmart Inclusion. Retrieved 13 January 2022, from .Marshfield Clinic. (2020). Life Changing Events. Retrieved 20 January 2020, from . For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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