Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science question and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Social work assignment: Working with clients. At least 10 references, APA format, 7th edition (Important). Question (100 marks). Write a conversation script of a role play between a social worker and the client(s). You are meeting the client for the FIRST interview. Your client is presenting financial problems with their family expenses to you at this time. Here is some family background information that you NEED to follow. A married couple with two children. Husband – Retrenched from job a few months ago, currently unemployed. Wife – Housewife for many years, but now working part-time to pay for family expenses. One son – 10 years old.Has down syndrome with congenital heart defect and epilepsy.Attending special school. One daughter – 17 years old.Attending pre-university college. The couple and their daughter are here to see you (their social worker).You are to analyse the family situation in detail. However, remember that you are not to incorporate any issues of suicide, family violence, child abuse, or mental health in your interview. You can develop your role play interview script based on fictional content. You are to write a conversation script of the WHOLE FIRST interview session you conducted with your client. (A) Describe and demonstrate how you have used the following social work skills in your interview. You may use the various social work skills more than once throughout your script. However, marks will only be given for that particular ONE example in the conversation which you have chosen. (Write the example which you have chosen in BOLD). There are a total of SIX social work skills, only write one example per skill in BOLD. i) use of empathy ii) reframing iii) clarification iv) paraphrasing v) use of open-ended question vi) information-giving (24 marks). (B) Discuss and explain in detail the rationale/intent of using each of the SIX skills at a specific juncture in your conversation. (30 marks). C) Outline a proper introduction (your role/services/organisation confidentiality policy etc) and a conclusion IN YOUR CONVERSATION with your client as this is the first time you are meeting him/her. (32 marks). D) You will be assessed on the overall congruence, flow of your interview and the use of citations. (14 marks).NOTE: The WHOLE assignment should be written in a table format like table 1 (See picture in attached file).Requirements: 2000 wordsFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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