Korean Covid-19 Restrictions

It is a speech assignment, but before the presentation, I have to write a script. Although my professor told me it is a script it is more of a formal essay to make sure we have a good understanding of the topic and that speech we are giving. I’m gonna talk about covid-19 restrictions in Korea and I included the outline, how I want this paper to be like. The policy changes every once a while so for counterargument I will be using the new policy that is being used right now comparing how less strict policy leads to increase in number of cases and for other parts use policy that was used 2021 December. Comment my prof left after reading my outline:As you move on with writing the speech, make sure your position is expressed fully and clearly. Is your position that Korea needs to drop its strict policies around Covid now (March 2022) because of how well Korea is doing. Or are you saying that “Korea should not have had such strict policies even in the first year of the pandemic because they went too far and undermined basic freedoms and hurt businesses.” Or are you saying that Korea was way ahead of the world when it came to managing Covid 19, and it did very well, but following the first wave, it should have pulled back.” So, can you clarify the time period you are talking about?I think your counterarguments are strong: the policies worked. But maybe you want to say that they worked at too high a cost? What should the government have done and what should it do now and/or in the future. If you clarify your specific point, this will help. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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