Investing in a Country This assignment consists of two required parts. Part I Us

Investing in a CountryThis assignment consists of two required parts.Part IUsing a credible source, such as Culture Grams in the SUO Online Library or globalEdge, locate and select a country with under $1,500 gross domestic product [GDP] per capita.  Research the country selected and provide answers to the following questions:Does this country export any products or services? If so, what products or services are exported?What are the two most frequently imported products or services and what countries provide those products or services?What is the rate of unemployment?What is the education situation or level of education for the people in this country?Based on your research, assess whether this country has any national competitive advantage and discuss whether free trade agreements can benefit this country and, if so, how. Be specific in your response.Part IIBased on the country selected in Part 1, develop scenarios where firms may invest in your country using the following strategies:Global standardization strategyLocalization strategyTransnational strategyInternational strategyFor each strategy, develop one scenario where an organization would desire to enter the market of your chosen country. Describe the products or services offered by each firm and why the products and strategy were chosen. Cultural, political, and legal factors should be taken into consideration, as well as any informal or formal trade barriers.Submission Details:Provide your answers in a 4 -page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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