International Project Teams

In the attached document, there is a suggested outline and the knowledge/recommended use of a Web 2.0 tool to solve a business problem is stressed/required as a part of your solution/submission.Web 2.0 tools and concepts are mentioned towards the end of Chapter 3 also!The Assignment overview, reference materials and an outline can ALL be found in this handout and use the 2nd file below in lieu of not being able to enter/select a country via the online website tools at NO charge!  BOTTOM line – it is a 5-step process!pick a countryfind the cultural diffssee what each of the dimensions means and a potential issuecraft a fake company/project/issue to solve via web 2.0 toolsfollow the outline of the paperReference Materials:Step 1, 2 3… wonder?pick a country FIRSTlookup the country in the excel/PDF file of indexesUse the website tool link to find the story on each of the cultural differenceszero in on something you find interesting and/or way different from what you believe/think/act…..THEN……come up with a face company/project consisting of YOU and your international project team in that selected countryAnd Solve some sort of problem you come up with on the project with your selected cultural differencePick a Web 2.0 solution to help solve itReflect on everything For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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