Instructions: Whether you realize it or not, global health topics make up a lar

Instructions:Whether you realize it or not, global health topics make up a large percentage of current events and news each day. The New York Times has an entire topic list devoted to global health. For this assignment, you will select one of the articles below and answer the questions on the following pages.• Malaria reaches a standstill:• Where a vast global vaccination went wrong:• Vaccines delivered by drones:• The biggest monster is spreading: Tip: Review course content prior to starting. Make sure to review the pages under the “Don’t lose points!” section on the main Blackboard Course Menu, like APA Citation Guide and Country Classifications by Income.Answer the following Questions about the article you chose:1. Type the citation for the article you chose using APA Style Citation (1 point).2. Define Global Health (3 points): Note that you should use your own words and any information you get from a source should be cited.3. Please summarize the health issue discussed in the article and explain why it is a good example of global health issue/concern in the world today based upon the materials outlined in Module 1 (5 points). Make sure to write a proper essay with a thesis sentence, supporting examples, complete sentences and correct grammar structure/spelling and be sure to include a conclusion in your essay. Cite all resources such as the article, readings or lectures, using APA format. Word count: minimum 100- maximum 150 words. Note that citations and references are not part of the word count. Note: If you cite from a report from an organization (e.g. WHO, CDC), you must use organization as author format .4.Classify how this article discusses the three different levels of health outlined in Module 1 lecture. Please use your own words. (3 points).1. Individual:2. Population:3. Global:5. List all the countries mentioned in the article by their GNI classification (2 points). Do not mention regions/continents, only countries or you will receive zero points. For GNI classification go to: ( Income Countries Middle Income Countries High Income CountriesLow Middle Upper Middle6. List all the organizations (Non-governmental organizations, Multinational organizations, Governmental Organizations, Private/Public Foundations, etc.) mentioned in the article (1 point).For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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