Instructions Transcendentalism Assignment Minimum Requirements As a minimum, you

InstructionsTranscendentalism AssignmentMinimum RequirementsAs a minimum, you should write 1-2 pages, double-spaced. So, think about one full page and then a good paragraph on the second page. As a maximum, write to your heart’s desire!PromptIn this assignment, I want you to try to experience what the transcendentalists did when experiencing nature. Now, modern day is a very different time period and it may not be possible to wander off into the woods by yourself for a few weeks. However, you should approximate a situation that would get close to that in whatever way you can or is possible for your life situation. Some possibilities: Turn off your phones. Do yoga. Go somewhere where you can experience solitude. Meditate or think about life. Walk through a park. Try to get away from the daily life of studying, work, technology, and friends and family just for an hour or so to be by yourself in a quiet area. Try to experience what the transcendentalists did. Consider this to be a time you can actually be assigned to take some time for yourself and meditate/relax/disconnect!  Then consider the following questions:Can you gain anything by having these quiet moments? Is there something in nature that you can’t find in a city? What is your experience like when you do have a moment of true quiet and peace in an isolated area? What did you feel? What do you think about transcendentalism in general? Answer these questions about your transcendental experience and turn them in for your credit for this assignment. You may be informal and this isn’t necessarily a formal exercise. If the transcendental spirit takes you over and makes you want to be creative or write poetry, then you can also do that while still generally addressing the above questions.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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