Informative Outline & Critique

Please adhere to the directions below: Informative Critique & OutlineDue: 3/3 by 11:59pm Goal: Identify and outline informative speaking strategies discussed in class. Look for a clear and thorough introduction, well-supported body and effective conclusion.Directions: Search for an informative speech either a process/how to, or expository on YouTube or similar application. It should be 20 minutes or less. You will closely analyze the speech to see if you can identify each of the elements necessary for thorough organization. You will fill out the outline template as these elements become clear. The outline template is in the outline resources section of course modules in Canvas. You will also write a very brief synopsis of the speaker’s overall delivery and discuss whether you would have presented this speech any differently.Ie: If the speaker were to begin her speech with, “There is currently a 700% increase in COVID cases in LA county according to NBC news.” You would write (type) the hook/attention grabber in the area of the outline template that says, “attention grabber.” If the speaker fails to include a necessary component of the speech; fill in that area of the outline with not applicable. I want to know that you recognize it is a missing but necessary component. (100 points) Answer the following questions:Fill out the outline template (called outline worksheet in Canvas Boot Camp Module) (20) Intro:Hook/attn getter?Thesis?Credibility statement/speaker’s connection to the topic:Preview of main points?(20) Body: (fill out the body) Fill out each main point and sub point(20) Conclusion:Did the speaker summarize?Did the speaker add a memorable component?At the end of your outline answer the following questions: (20) Delivery synopsis:Did the speaker appear confident?Did the speaker elicit your desire to learn? If so, how? If not, why?Cite your video accurately in either MLA or APA (20) Reflect:Would you have done something differently to enhance this speech? If so, what?Analyze the efficacy of the speech. A critique is not a mere summary of what the speaker said, you will analyze why and how they said and to what effect rather than focus on the whats. Make sure that the speech you choose is in fact a speech and not a tutorial; the speaker should be clearly visible 90% or more of the time.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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