Informational Interview Analysis

For this assignment, you will identify and meet with a professional currently working in a career field of interest to you. Make sure that you follow the Informational Interview Guide  Download Informational Interview Guidein scheduling and completing this interview. Upon completion, you will write a short paper (750-1,000 words) analyzing what you learned from the interview. In terms of content, your paper should include the following:Background and rationale – Brief summary of who you met with and why you selected that person.Analysis of data – Detailed discussion of the themes you are able to identify from the conversation. As you present and explain these themes, provide specific information about the “data” you gained about the career field you are exploring for the State of the Field assignment. This can also include specific details about your interviewee’s position and/or organization.Personal reflection – Provide personal reflections on what you took away from the conversation:How did this interview change or reinforce your understanding of your field of interest? How does the knowledge that you’ve gained from this interview affect your professional goals and career trajectory? Will you do anything differently as a result?What did you learn about the process of doing an informational interview? In what ways was it useful (or not) to you, and what might you change about the process if you were to do it again?Formatting GuidelinesIn addition to responding to the content elements above, make sure your paper meets the following requirements:750-1,000 words in lengthOne-inch page margins and double spaced linesContains minimal grammar and sentence structure issuesHas a logical paper structure (clear introduction, supporting paragraphs, and concluding paragraph)Contains topic sentences at the beginning of each section that summarize the section and contribute to the overall flow of the paper.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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