Information Security Management System

Assignment Task 1A: [50 Marks] Project Format Read the following Scenario, and prepare a report with the guidelines provided. Scenario: The learner is acting as an internal Chief Information Security Officer for a chosen organization (preferably where the learner is currently working or any other chosen organization in mutual consultation with the instructor). The learner is required to describe information security management system model used in the organization. Discuss a data breach scenario and steps taken by the organization. Describe the organization ethical behavior policy with regards to information security. The report should include the following and written in word format :1.     Introduction of the Chosen Organization is required. The student must then highlight principles of Information Security Management System that they think are most important to the current organization. [8 Marks] 2.      Review of the Information Security Management System(ISMS) in the current organization, student must elaborate on how Information Security policy is aligned to goals of current organization (both long term and short term goals. [20 marks] 3.     Explain the organizations risk management strategy [10 marks] 4.     List the digital forensics policy of the organization [6 marks] 5.     Explain the organizations Ethical behavior policy with regards to information security.  [6 marks] 6.     References and writing style: You must strictly adhere to the Harvard Referencing System Format and present the report in an Essay type format where applicable. The report shall not exceed 4,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.Task 1B [20 Marks] Presentation Learners must design and present to the Board of Directors, a PowerPoint presentation, briefly answering the following questions.        Information Security Management System in your organization      Articulate how organizational goals are aligned with ISMS      Discuss Risk management policy of the organization.      Discuss organizations ethical behavior policy with regards to information securityA total of 10 minutes will be assigned for each presentation, with an additional 5 minutes for questions-answers session.  Marks are allocated for content, engagement, delivery and Q & A.  [20 Marks]Assignment Task – 2: [30 Marks] Risk Management Explain Risk Management policy of the organization and Propose at least one improvement (completely change or update) risk management policy towards an asset or policy of the organization. Discuss how the said improvement will impact the overall strategic business objectives of the organization.The improvement plan must should define the following :      Current Information Security policy for the asset or process      Proposed new policy for the said asset or process      Project assumptions      Impact on the overall strategic business objective      Other areas can be discussed The report shall not exceed 2,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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