In this Signature Assignment, you will use what you have learned in this course

In this Signature Assignment, you will use what you have learned in this course to conduct three statistical tests: a Pearson correlation, an independent t-test, and an ANOVA.You will use SPSS to conduct the statistical tests.You will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you share the results of each statistical test. Each slide should contain notes (at least 100 words) describing the analysis in narrative form.Prepare the PowerPoint presentation and include a voice-over. For instructions on how to include a narration to a PowerPoint presentation, search for “how to create voice-over narration in MSWord PowerPoint.”Use the attached SPSS file to complete the following:Select variables appropriate to conduct each of the statistical tests below:Pearson Correlation for three variablesIndependent Samples t-testRecall from week 5 that the t-test compares means for two groups.ANOVARecall from week 5 that the ANOVA test compares means for three or more groups.PowerPointIntroductionIntroduce the assignment by stating the importance of hypothesis testing in research and how statistics are used to accomplish this.Present the statistical tests one at a time. For each statistical test:Identify the null and alternative hypothesis for the statistical test.Identify the Independent and Dependent variables, as appropriate. (Note: not applicable for the Pearson Correlation statistical test)Display appropriate graphics, and descriiptive statistics for each of the variables in the statistical test. Describe the central tendency and dispersion of each variable in the slide notes using formal writing.Display the statistical output for the test.a. Describe the statistical output in the slide notes using formal writing.b. Reflect on the use and value of the statistical test.SummaryClose the assignment with a formally written reflection on building a statistical mindset and developing statistical confidence.Resources:BUS-7105 Signature Assignment SPSS Data SetLength: 12 slides not including title slide, intro slide and reference slide pageAttached is Week 5 to reference.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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