Immune System and Disease

Post about a disease related to the immune system. This category is very broad and could mean anything from diseases caused by the immune system (autoimmune diseases or allergies) to diseases usually prevented by the immune system (different forms of cancer or diseases caused by pathogens). NOTE: this cannot be a disease that you have already researched for a previous discussion post or reply. Since many of the diseases that have been extensively covered in previous posts (celiac, Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Addison’s, and several others) are autoimmune diseases, be especially careful to not choose a previous disease if you want to research an autoimmune disease. Also, because HIV/AIDS was covered thoroughly in this module, you should NOT cover HIV/AIDS as your disease.InstructionsBriefly research a disease related to the immune system (a type of cancer, a disease caused by a pathogen, an allergy, or an autoimmune disease). As you research, consider how what you learned in the last three modules applies to the disease that you are researching. Your post should include: What type of disease is it (a type of cancer? a pathogenic disease? an allergy? an autoimmune disease?)What organs or organ systems affected by this disease?A summary of some aspect of the disease (for example: causes, symptoms, or treatments) that relates to something that you learned about in the microbe/immune system/cancer modulesConnect at least one thing that you learned in one of the last three modules (Week 6, Part 2 [Microbes: Microbiota and Pathogens], Week 7, Part 1 [Immune System and Defense], or Week 7, Part 2 [Immune System, Microbes, and Cancer]) to how it applies to the disease. Be reasonably thorough and thoughtful here.  Make sure to post a link to your source(s). As with all discussion posts where you cite outside sources, make sure that you are not quoting directly from your source. All information from the source should be paraphrased, in your own words.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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