How going vegan impacts health

Research Paper Parameters3-5 pages double-spaced, 11 pt. font with 1” margins plus Title and Works Citied pages (APA or MLA format)IntroductionAt least ½ page introduction of the topicInclude a paragraph on why you chose the topicThree Journal ArticlesAt least ½ page summary of each articleAt least 1 paragraph for each article on whether or not the article meets CARS – list each areaCredibility – Author(s) credentials, sponsoring organization, and study (type, subjects, design, and quality)Accuracy – Current (within the last 5 years – 10 at the most), Factual, Grammar, and ComprehensiveReasonableness – Fairness, Balance, Tone, Bias, and ConsistencySupport – Supporting Documentation/Resources or Consensus of published studies – Can you contact the author(s)?Summary Of What You LearnedAt least ½ page summary of the topicYour opinion about the topic research – Can you believe the science? Good science or Junk science?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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