historical development (psychology)

Students will trace the historical development of one of the following: depression, anxiety, schizophrenia/psychotic disorders, or intellectual disability.The project should:1. Identify and discuss how the diagnosis has been understood, described, and treated during at least two of the time periods covered in class (e.g., ancient period and Enlightenment)2. Identify and discuss how the diagnosis is understood, described, and treated from one modern-day theoretical orientation (Either the psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, or humanistic perspective). This section should i nclude an introductory slide presenting an overview of the perspective including its development, historical antecedents, and key figures.3. Include and evaluation of the effectiveness of the chosen modern-day theoretical orientation for the treatment of the disorder.4. Offer a discussion of a Christian perspective of the disorder.The project should include a thorough critical analysis, which will discuss how the view of the diagnosis reflects the worldview/mindset of the various historical periods covered. The project should utilize at least 5 peer-reviewed, academic journals, of which least one is a primary source contemporary to the topic (e.g., translation of Aristotles On the Soul). The required peer-reviewed sources are in addition to assigned readings for the class, and students should note that most well-written papers will likely utilize more than the minimum number of references. Students may find it particularly helpful to refer to the optional reading list on the syllabus.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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