Heritage of Faith Wk 1 – C1

Each question and answer should remain separated by its number. Please do not respond to each question and put it into one large paper.Submit your response of 6-8 sentences for each question.Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un5r3NyAT5I 1.    Abraham is considered a model of faith. Of the many actions of faith by Abraham, which do you consider to be the most challenging? 2.    The video lecture explained the biblical theme: Its not the first but the second that counts. Give two examples of how this theme appears in Genesis. Why might God choose to prefer the second over the first in these and other examples?  3.    Jacobs life shows both justice and mercy. How does Jacob at times get what he deserves and when does he receive abundant, undeserved mercy? 4.    Joseph is like Abraham in that he lives a life of faith. How does Joseph show remarkable faith through is years in Egypt? 5.    Josephs closing words concerning his brothers, Genesis 50:20, You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good are a good summary of many parts of Genesis. Find at least one other episode in Genesis in which the same could be said; evil was present but God brought about good. You might also describe a time in your own life when the same happened: evil was intended but God worked it out for good.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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