Here are the instructions for the paper. I am also attaching the rubric for my p

Here are the instructions for the paper. I am also attaching the rubric for my paper and what is required.Identify a crisis intervention topic of interest to you and of relevance to the work setting and the clientele you intend to serve as a professional counselor. Develop a Crisis Team to address the challenge. In order for the team to be effective, at minimum you will need to provide the questions listed below. Label each section of the paper.A full description of the problem (is it a new crisis, has it been ongoing, what has been done to date, has it been covered by any media outlets, who/what does it impact the most, is it to ward off an impending crisis {i.e. an earthquake – campus shooting – rioting}). Label section: Problem Description.Who should be on the team and why (is the team more preventative in nature or has a crisis occurred and there was no preparation for it?). Label section: Team membersDescribe the function of each member, how will you meet, how often? You will be the Point of Contact (POC) for this project. Label section: function of team membersDo you need outside resources (local, state, federal)? Who should be contacted to gain the outside resources? Who should contact them? If you do not need outside resources, what is already in place to help educate, eliminate, and/or alleviate the repercussions of the crisis? The goal is not to resolve the crisis but to put together a highly efficient team to address your topic of interest. Label section: Outside sources/resourcesFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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