Hello, I have attached 4 reading materials on which this research paper should b

Hello, I have attached 4 reading materials on which this research paper should be based on as well as the paper needs 4 other external resources (with link). I have also attached a sample paper, the way paper should be written. there are 3 questions need to be answered. Here are the details of the paper;Using Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovation as a tool, identify two (2) emerging information technologies from a recent Hype Cycle that may have potential disruptive power in the industry you work for or you are familiar with. Write a brief paper that addresses the following:1. Explain why you think these two technologies (from a recent Hype Cycle) may have the potential disruptive power? Create a table (see below) in your appendix as one of the required visuals to qualify why and how the two technologies might have disruptive potential.Industry/Sector Business Model isrupted/IncumbentMarket Foothold(Low end or new market)Information Technology 1Information Technology 2Note, if you are using your own industry (or one you are familiar with or interested in) and have a hard time working with the hype cycle for emerging technologies, you may look for and use other hype cycles that apply to the industry in question (for example, Google “hype cycle for healthcare images” or “hype cycle for data science images,” etc.) – be aware that you will likely not be able to access the document from Gartner without paying, but you should be able to find the image for the hype cycle which should suffice for this assignment, since all hype cycles follow the same stages.2. For one of the technologies that you identified in Question 1, list three potential implementation challenges and three investment risks? Explain.3. In the industry you work in (or one you have had experience in) identify two (2) new disruptive possibilities (already existing or hypothetical) that each align with one of the new digital elements from “The New Disrupters” reading:“Access to assets, not ownership of assets”,“co-creation with customers”,“always-on and mobile”, and“capital-light ecosystem business models”.References: Required readings + four (4) additional external references (outside class materials), including your own work experienceFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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