Has to involve with global media & international communication. Look at the instructions.

– Times New Roman– 12 pt fontHas to involve with global media & international communication. Answer the question first. Who and What mediates Global Comm & Global Media?It has to be about either of the topics below.Global Media Flows– Determinants of News Coverage & Awareness*National interest*Trade & economics*Historical relations*Military relations*Cultural proximityWestern View of the World– Tourist– Missionary– Scholar/Intellectual– Business intelligenceMajor International Communication Tech Revolutions– Alphabet, printing (traditional media)*Books*Newspaper*Magazines*Photography/photo-communication/photojournalism*Films*Recordings/music*TelevisionComputer, Online (Digital Media)– Computer/internet– Online, digital mediaSweeping Changes in Knowledge and Information Industries– Sources of Information– Cybernetics– Robotics– IoT (Internet of Things)– BlockChain– Shrinking of Technology – CompressWhat is Culture?– Way of life– Collective Intellectual Achievement*Cumulative Knowledge*Beliefs/learned behavior*Attitudes*Rituals/practices/social habits*Hierarchy*Geography*Music*Customs*Experience/History*Language*Values*Religion/faiths*FoodFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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