Grading Rubric-Theory Paper-100 points For this assignment, you will research on

Grading Rubric-Theory Paper-100 pointsFor this assignment, you will research one of the psychological theories and you will write a 5-7 page (NOT including cover page and references) paper including the following information:1. Provide a detailed overview of the theory you chose. What is the philosophy of the theory? How does it approach counseling? Does it focus on the present? The past? Are goals utilized in this approach?2. Discuss the role of the therapist and the client in this approach. For example, does the therapist direct the counseling session? Is it client led? Is the client passive or active?3. How does the theory address diverse populations/multicultural issues? If it does not, discuss how it could be adjusted to work with diverse populations.4. Discuss populations for which this theory can be used. Any populations where it may not be advised?5. Your paper must be in APA style. Papers not in APA style or without references cited appropriately WILL NOT be accepted.6. References should be books and peer reviewed journals ONLY. Websites will not be accepted. Papers that do not utilize professional references will not be accepted.Grading Rubric:Student pointsOverview of the counseling theory you chose: What is the philosophy of the theory? How does it approach counseling? Does it address past issues? Focus on the here and now? Are goals used in therapy? 25 pointsWhat is the role of the therapist in your approach? 10 pointsWhat is the role of the client in your approach? 10 pointsHow does your theory address multicultural issues? 15 pointsGive an overview of what populations this approach is generally used with. Any populations where this theory may not be advised? 15 pointsAPA style, Spelling, grammar-5-7 page paper, be sure to include cover page, abstract, and references. Double space, Times New Roman 12 point font. 10 pointsReferences and citations: References are properly cited throughout the paper in APA style and in a reference list at the end of the paper. All references (8-10 references required) should be from books or peer reviewed journal articles. 10 points***Direct quotes MUST be in quotation marks and MUST be cited as (author, year, page number)Please keep direct quotes to a minimum—Any more than four direct quotes in your paper will result in a loss of pointsOrganization: Paper is well organized. Includes an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Paper utilizes headings and sub-headings appropriately throughout the paper. 5 pointsFor This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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