Getting Started To successfully complete this assignment, you should read the C.

Getting StartedTo successfully complete this assignment, you should read the C. Wright Mills article, readthe first two chapters of the book, and review your class notes and/or the Power Pointslides so that you have a solid understanding of the sociological imagination.Assignment OverviewSelect a contemporary social issue and then use the sociological imagination to analyze whyit is occurring. (Note: The Mills article and the Power Point slides discuss “social issues” vs.“personal troubles”.)Step One: Select a Social IssueYou can pick any social issue you’d like, but here are some categories that might help you:Aging and ageism Health and Health Care Schools and EducationGender Inequality Racial and Ethnic Inequality Alcohol and Other DrugsPoverty Work and the Economy Relationships and FamilyThe Environment Sexual Behavior War and TerrorismMedia Urban or Rural Problems Crime and Criminal JusticeFor example, for “Alcohol and Other Drugs” you could analyze the rising abuse ofprescription drugs. Or for “The Environment” you could analyze why the U.S. producesmore garbage than any other nation. Or for “Health and Health Care” you could analyzewhy childhood obesity has risen so much in the past few decades. Pick something thatinterests you! Feel free to look through the textbook for ideas. Do not pick an issue that wehave already analyzed during class time; grades will be reduced if you do that.Step Two: Apply the Sociological ImaginationWrite a paper that analyzes your social issue using the sociological imagination. Askyourself, how has society contributed to this social issue? What social changes haveoccurred that may help explain this trend? How might the social structure contribute tothis social issue? Are certain social groups more vulnerable to this social issue than others?Assignment Details➢ Clearly identify your social issue at the beginning of your paper.➢ Then analyze your social issue addressing some (if not all) of the questions identifiedabove in step two. Provide detailed and comprehensive explanations so that Iunderstand your reasoning.➢ Make sure you are thinking sociologically about the social issue and are using thesociological imagination in your analysis. Do not write about your personal opinions orpersonal experiences.➢ Make direct references to ideas from the Mills article, the textbook, and informationfrom class (e.g., Power Point slides discussing social structure, time periods, patterns,groups, human agency) to clearly demonstrate how you are thinking sociologically.Format and Grading Criteria• Save your assignment in a .doc or .pdf format. Upload to Blackboard.• Proofread to minimize spelling/grammar mistakes. Organize your thoughts intocoherent paragraphs. Write in a professional, academic tone. Clearly state the issue youare analyzing. (5%)• Demonstrate that you understand the sociological imagination and can examine yoursocial issue through a sociological lens. Show you can analyze an issue from a variety ofsociological angles (and not just provide one or two basic explanations). (15%)• Keep the analysis sociological and do not focus attention on individual shortcomings orpersonal opinions. (15%)• Make clear references to important concepts from the Mills article, classroom material,and the textbook. (40%)• Exert sufficient effort. Provide details and comprehensive explanations in eachparagraph. Good papers should run at least 600+ words. (25%)For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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