Gender and Pentecostalism

A 500-1000 word synopsis of the article;3-4 good discussion questions that can allow others to reflect the issues raised in the article through critically reflective discussions. The article synopsis and discussion questions will be shared with your corresponding paired team from the other section.  For example, Team A(1) will be paired with B(1), A(2) will be paired with B(2), etc. (see above)(Please note, good discussion questions are those that allows for more than a binary (yes/no | this/that) response. Try to avoid questions that push people into thinking that they must decide between two options, and then justify their decision. Instead, ask question that allow people to consider the complexities surrounding the issues, and express them in a way that provides a space for nuanced understanding of complex issues.  For example, rather than asking a question that asks Do you think consider asking How do you think Of course, this is just an example, so dont think you are limited to only asking How question, but the idea of opening the question is key. The difference is small, but it has a dramatic affect on the way people are capable of responding to a question.Avoid questions that serve only as general inquiries.  These are questions that ask specific answers about a topic, but doesnt really serve as a springboard for good discussion.  An example of this would be If Christianity is said to be monotheistic, why do they believe in the three parts of the trinity? While this is an interesting question, its not really a question that allows for interactive discussion.)THIS WILL BE A DISCUSSION BOARD. READ THE ARTICLE AND WRITE A SUMMARY AS MENTIONED. PROVIDE 3-4 GOOD QUESTIONS WITH THAT. I WILL PROVIDE THE ARTICLE. NO FORMAT JUST WRITE AT LEAST 500 AND TRY TO PUT IT IN SECTIONS. DOES NOT REALLY NEED TO BE MANY PAGES. JUST FOLLOW THE AMOUNT OF WORDS. This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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