Gender and devlopment

Hi I will need this essay, with 0 plagarism. The question is: For a long time, we have faced a situation of gender inequality all over the world and this situation is still present today. What are the main reasons gender inequality exists in your country of origin and what ways of overcoming gender inequalities are being presented within the field of Gender and Development there? Demonstrate in your argumentation the strengths and weaknesses of each approach selected by your country, and provide any alternatives you think they should consider.The outcomes are: Describe the diversity of gender roles, relations and identities across various social, political, and economic contexts, as well as the intersectionality between gender and other forms of social identity, such as age, race, social class, etc. Apply relevant theories and concepts in the field of Gender and Development to an analysis of gendered social identities and how gender identities are constructed and enacted in a context of gender inequality, discrimination and poverty. Analyze and evaluate how processes of development and social change can happen in both public and private institutions, as well as through the actions of empowered groups and individuals, to promote gender equality and human rights.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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