Free speech

Assignment: Sadly, it shouldnt be hard to think of over the last few months, several instances where the First Amendment rights have cropped up. Is burning down a Target free speech?  Is entering the Capitol building (dressed in a weird horned hat or otherwise) protected?) Is it free speech to tell an artist or actor you dont like to kill themselves?  Is calling a Jewish activist a Nazi allowed? Is it hate speech to support Russia against Ukraine?  Are Canadian truckers peacefully protesting mandates a violation of free speech?  Is being a jerk or even being a terrible person a crime????  Is telling someone to ‘kill themselves’ on Twitter allowed? (In the UK, by counter example you can be arrested for ‘hate speech’ for what you post on Twitter).    Pick a recent example where speech and expression have come under fire, and write a nice Sandwichexplain what happened, and how you feel, in light of your perspective on the First Amendment, about it.First amendment link: Write your response to a modern (within the last 3 months) challenge to free speech.  You must cite at least one source (for your background info) but your opinion must be your own.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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