For this week’s Discussion, in 200 – 300 words, share with everyone your interpr

For this week’s Discussion, in 200 – 300 words, share with everyone your interpretation of Lucky’s Act I monologue. Obviously, this monologue must be mined for meaning. So, start mining! What are you seeing? Where are there patterns emerging? What might those patterns suggest/indicate? What is this monologue’s function? How does it work on the reader (or audience)? What does it mean? Draw us into your ideas of how to interpret the monologue and justify that interpretation using DAI — descriiption, analysis and interpretation (see below for more info). This paragraph is due by 9am on Wednesday, January 12.THEN, after everyone has shared their interpretations of the monologue, go back to the Discussion and in comments offer clear and constructive feedback on the clarity of the argument, the potential of their ideas, and to what degree they have effectively convinced you or enticed you as a reader to their interpretation. Please avoid non-constructive statements like “I don’t get it” or “So what?” without elaborating on WHY you feel the way you feel, and offer them ideas for how they might proceed. This is due by 9am on Friday, January 14.—-DAI Tips:1.) Your section on Descriiption should, in detail, describe what happens in the monologue: who is speaking, where and why is the character speaking, what is the character saying, what is the language like, what actions/staging accompany the language, how do other characters respond to the monologue, etc.2.) Your section on Analysis should take those elements and explore how they work together. Make connections within the play: why does this monologue exist there at that moment? How is the language here different or similar to other moments in the play? What patterns, symbols, ideas, themes emerge from this monologue? What do the stage directions tell us about this moment and how is it similar to or different from other moments in the play? How does this monologue work on (affect) other characters — or the audience?3.) Your section on Interpretation should connect this moment in the play to the bigger picture and outside world and reveal what you think its overall meaning or function is. What is the monologue about? What is really going on here? Can you compare it to another piece of literature or moment of performance and is that productive? Why does this monologue matter? How might we interpret the monologue as a whole? Make sure the descriiption and analysis supports your interpretation!For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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