For this forum, please do some thinking around your case analysis topic. My topi

For this forum, please do some thinking around your case analysis topic. My topic is    1. Can I end my own life if I am suffering? Numerous states (including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Vermont, and Montana) have approved propositions that make it legal to help terminally ill patients end their own lives. While in other states, those who know death is inevitable often go through a lengthy and painful process of dying (as in the Natalie Newton case in Texas). Legal, medical, and ethical debates have surrounded the right to die for decades. Consider how the coded beliefs in our society both inside and outside of medicine impact these decisions and the law governing them. Should a person be in control of how and when their lives end and what role should physicians play? Then answer these questions:1. First, indicate which of the three available topics youre planning to write about. 2. Then draft a clear thesis statement. These are often pretty formulaic and should take a particular stance on the issue, as well as indicate which moral principles youre applying. For a model, consider using the following: In this paper, I will argue that [clear position for or against the issue at hand; take a position] through the application of the moral principles of [principle 1] and [principle 2].3. Then provide some initial thoughts on where youd like to take the paper. This can include notes about resources and/or articles youve found, main ideas you think need to be included in the paper, issues you think you still need to figure out, and/or a rough outline of your paper.I will attach a few examples of what it should look like. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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