for Lifestyle Medicine Literature Review

The purpose of this assignment is to help students be informed about the significant knowledge and ideas that have been discovered regarding the practice of lifestyle medicine.  Students are to compare, contrast, and/or connect various findings.  Through their gathered analysis, students are expected to synthesize new further understanding regarding the practice of lifestyle medicine in the treatment, management, and/or prevention of chronic diseases. Grading: (40pts total)1.     Format: (5pts)·      Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, one-inch margin all around, 3 – 5 full pages·      Include ONLY the following headings§  Full name at top, Introduction, Findings, Conclusion, References2.     Contents: (20pts total)·      (Refer to requirements below)·      DO NOT just summarize the topic’s corresponding class lecture·      Introduction: (5 pts)§  Clear overview of review, demonstrating the importance of the selected topic·      Body: (10 pts)§  Attention to detail about selected topic§  Objective, balanced view from a variety of studies·      Conclusion and Synthesis: (5 pts)§  Information concisely synthesized and brought to a logical conclusion3.     Organization: (5pts)·      Logically organized, as to be easy to follow, read, and understand4.     Writing Quality: (5pts)·      No errors in mechanics, grammar, spelling, or punctuation5.     Citations: (5pts)·      In-text citations and references in APA format·      At least 5 topic-specific articles were cited Recommended Approach:1.     Decide on a topic you are interested in reviewing. What is it you would like to specifically know? Be sure it is regarding one of the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine and a chronic disease(s).2.     Find scholarly articles and credible sources pertaining to your topic of choice.3.     Read articles and classify them according to their findings.4.     Write an outline for your review.5.     Write your paper, revising as necessary. Expected Content of Literature Review:1.     Introductiona.     In 1 sentence, define the specific topic of your literature reviewb.     Explain the importance of your selected topicc.     Provide background information/context as necessaryd.     Purpose of section: establish content of your review2.     Bodya.     Write an introduction paragraph (specifically for the body’s findings)b.     Describe the various themes you identified (comparing, contrasting, and/or connecting articles)c.     Purpose of section: describe the findings of articles pertaining to your specific topic3.     Summarya.     Summarize body, pointing out information you find particularly important to note regarding your topicb.     Connect your paper to the context of the general topic of study and/or field(s) of work4.     References For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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