Film Assignment, Due 3/3/22

Historical Film Assignment    View a film related to the history we are studying, and write an essay on the film based on the instructions below. Tell me the title of the film before you view the film.For your assignment you are to view a film and to analyze it historically in a three to five page double spaced paper written in Google Docs. It is your responsibility to find the film to view, and you should email the title to the instructor before viewing the film. Do Not View Documentaries.Below is a brief list of films I recommend, please go to wikipedia or to (Links to an external site.) for summaries of the films. Please tell me your choice before writing your essay, and if you have a film that is not on the list by all means share it with me. Please do not write about any documentaries, nor should you write about the film National Treasure.If you already visited your site, please submit the assignment based on your visit.Let me know if you have any questions about the change.GloryGettysburgDances with WolvesAmistad1492Santa Fe TrailBlack RobeCabeza de VacaJeremiah JohnsonGone with the WindThe Last of the MohicansLincolnThe Gangs of New YorkCold MountainHarriet12 Years a SlaveOutlaw Josey WalesOne of the six volumes of the Roots series from the 1970sOne episode of the HBO series John AdamsRide with the DevilThe Alamo (either version)Johnny TremainThe PathfinderThe BuccaneerThe Red Badge of CourageFree State of JonesYour paper should be structured in the following manner:Introduction – 1-2 paragraphsA good leadThe title of the filmA brief description of the filmSummary of the film – 1-2 paragraphsMain characters, setting, basic plotAnalysis of the film – 3-5 paragraphsSee below for detailsThis should include a detailed deconstruction of at least one key sceneConclusion – 1-2 paragraphsRestating main points of your analysis in a succinct mannerJustification of your analysisThe analysis must address four main areas:1. The history-Is it accurate, or was it “Hollywood” to make more money?-Are events presented realistically and chronologically?2. Setting, details, design and behavior-Are locations, costumes, and sets accurately portrayed?-Has the filmmaker included details that enhance the historical atmosphere and viewing experience?-Do the characters speak and act as people in their time, situation and class did?-Are gender relationships accurately rendered?3. ****THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DIFFICULT PART OF THE ESSAY**** Agenda and Values-What does the filmmaker do to influence feelings and emotions?-What sort of heroic and villainous icons are presented and supported in the film?(Who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy and why do you think that way about them?)-What messages did the filmmakers wish to convey?4. Effects-Does the film succeed in producing the desired effect?-How does it change your understanding of history?For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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